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      UCCC董事 時照學堂 禪師




      時照禪師以其睿智、幽默的語言,機鋒凌厲的禪問,隨和隨緣的態度,傳播和弘揚中國禪。其課堂和演講風格隨性自在,直接明了,課堂案例皆是當下取之用之,其和學員間的一問一答更為絕妙,讓學員于困惑中明了,于深奧中頓悟,直接指向從我做起,認識世界的健康喜悅的生活法門。是UCCC 中美禪學院董事并主要教授師之一。

      Guru Shizhao is the founder of Shizhao Dao De Cultural Propagation. At a young age, she met a Buddhist nun who gave her a copy of the Lotus Sutra. She enjoyed doing full prostrations to the Sutra, which led her to realize the clear and empty nature of human experience. Later she became a Buddhist nun in a temple in Qinling’s mountains. She practiced the ancient Buddhism method Damo Yijinjing devotedly, and obtained deep levels of realization of true human nature. Later, she studied Dao De Jing, and realized the profound truth it reveals. “Dao” is the basic principle of existence, and “De” is the true spirit guiding our lives. She vowed to teach Dao De Jing to the public. To help people find a clear path to Tao, she tried out many Taoism practices and health recovery methods. She is determined to bring thequintessence of the Chinese culture to the World. She is a board member of the UCCC and one of its main teachers.